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See the latest offerings from HydraSports Custom at one of the biggest boat shows in the US.   Check out the boat everyone is talking about... 53 Suenos! 42 Siesta, and our new model 39 Speciale will be there too.


See the latest offerings from HCB Custom Boats...

On Display:

  • 53 Sueños
  • 42 Siesta
  • 39 Speciale


See what is new from HydraSports Custom Boats at the Palm Beach Boat Show.  See you there.

The Most Expensive Center Console Fishing Boat in the World

See what a couple of million dollars will buy you, with this HydraSports Custom 53 Sueños Extreme — just might be time to trade up from that car-topper.

What will a lousy $2 million, give or take, buy these days in the way of a center console fishing boat? The answer: This HydraSports Custom 53 Sueños Extreme — built for EG Vodka (organic vodka made in the United States) — with a list of features far longer than I want to try to replicate here. But it includes a 52-foot, 11-inch, 23-degree-transom-deadrise, custom-painted hull made of performance-based composite materials, four 627-hp Seven Marine outboards (with custom paint, graphics and carbon-fiber trim) that can push this monsters to a 65- to 70-mph top end, custom flooring, three freezers, two refrigerators, Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizer, room for 1,000 gallons of fuel, 45 speakers for nine power amps pumping out 16,000 watts of power, and -- well, you get the idea. This custom boat is a still more “extreme” version of an already extreme boat, and it looks the part.

(These photos were taken through the ultra-wide lens of a GoPro Hero5; the scope of this 53 would make fitting into a normal lens quite a challenge.)


The remarkable helm on this boat is a study in blue, with ridiculously comfortable three-across seating behind the expansive helm.

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In our annual listing of the top products in the boating industry, you’ll find a wide variety of products from boats to accessories, from engines to apps.

These products were all introduced or significantly updated since the beginning of 2014. From hundreds of nominations, they were chosen based on many factors such as their impact on the industry, innovation and how they advanced their category.

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MELBOURNE, FLORIDA: Structural Composites is pleased to announce that the new 53 Sueños outboard powered center console fishing boat is the first boat to receive its MIL-TOUGH Rating. Hydrasports Custom 53 Sueños, the World’s Largest, Outboard Powered, Center Console Outboard Fishing Boat, is one of the first commercial deployments of Structural Composites’ NAVY SBIR Advanced Combatant Craft Technology. The advanced single skin transom and single skin hull provide the durability, ruggedness and ease of maintenance of solid laminate construction but at a weight equal to or less than sandwich construction.

The 53 Sueños is designed and built using tough high performance Co-Rez vinyl ester resin, advanced Prisma single skin hull and single skin transom construction, high strength orthotropic reinforcements and the newly developed MEGAFORM preform stringer system. The use of these premium materials and the incorporation of Navy SBIR technology have earned the Hydrasports Custom 53 Sueños the MIL-TOUGH rating.

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Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award Winners Honored
17 products recognized for technical advancement during annual Industry Breakfast

MIAMI (February 12, 2015) – The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) announced today winners of the 2015 Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show Innovation Awards, presented during the annual Industry Breakfast at the Miami Beach Convention Center. This year’s program featured a record number of entries with 97 products—a 68 percent increase in entries compared to last year. 

The 2015 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award winners are:

  • Center Console & Walkaround Fishing Boats: Hydra-Sport, 53’ Suenos

January 22, 2015, TAVERNIER, FL – HydraSports Custom is unveiling 53’ Sueños, the world’s largest, outboard powered, center console at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2015.

The most common question has been, “Why such a large boat?”  The answer is simple according to Elias De La Torre III, CEO of HydraSports Custom boats, “We’ve sold 140 of the 42’ center consoles and our boat owners have requested a larger boat to move into.”  After extensive market research and input from current HydraSports boat owners it seemed the market was finally ready. 

As with all HydraSports Custom boats, 53’ Sueños, will have very limited production.  The plan is to build no more than 12 of these boats per year for world-wide distribution via a network of factory direct test centers.  This boat features Advanced Combat Craft Construction leveraging two million dollars of US Navy funded research for their Advanced Combatant Craft.  Developed by Structural Composites this technology has won numerous awards including three Congressional Medals of Merit.

The official unveiling of the boat will be held on Thursday, February 12, at noon, during preview day at the Miami International Boat Show, Convention Center D48.  The boat will remain on display for the duration of the show. 


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HydraSports Custom Boats are only sold factory direct.

Now celebrating over 40 years of boat manufacturing and living the boating lifestyle... we openly share our evolution with you; from the design and engineering to the distribution leading up to where we are today.  The results are obvious to see and feel in the most thought-out, beautifully finished, most comfortable angling correct boats in our 40 year evolution.

ELias De La Torre III recognized for Bold Moves

From Dealer to Manufacturer

Boating Industry Magazine October 2014

Elias De La Torre III
HydraSports Custom/Plantation Boat Mart
Tavernier, Florida

Elias De La Torre III

Elias De La Torre III

Countless boat brands have died, been resurrected and disappeared again over the last decade. With the frequent ownership changes for HydraSports, it wouldn’t have been shocking to see the 40-year-old fishing brand go the way of so many others.

But Elias De La Torre III was not going to let that happen. As the owner of Florida-based Plantation Boat Mart, De La Torre had been the company’s largest dealer since 1996.

So when MasterCraft decided to sell the brand in 2012, he jumped on the opportunity to take control. Compared to their towboat business, the HydraSports 

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Hydra-Sports Custom 4200 SF

The 4200 comes with two 45-gallon, pressurized transom livewells, each with a seacock, two drains and two rotary pumps connected to a high-speed pickup. “We build redundancy into all of our systems,” says Alex Leva, Hydra-Sports Custom president. “Say you were loaded with goggle-eyes for a tournament; you might operate both pumps (changing over the water every two minutes) and both drains to keep these baits healthy and alive.”

Also, as the boat runs, the force of water into the pickups spins the rotary pumps faster than the 12-volt system runs them, Leva says. The added volume of water must exhaust through the extra drains.

Hydra-Sports can add a bow baitwell into the foredeck, and as many rod holders as you can fit along the gunwales. A dry-storage locker forward provides indents to secure two cast-net buckets.

A tricked-out tackle center with 10 drawers just aft of the leaning post puts all bridling supplies, hooks and leader material in easy reach. The tackle center is lined at the back with four rod holders, so you can easily anchor the rod you’re rigging.

Truly customize your 4200 with fore and aft rocket launchers and tuna tubes astern to subdue the largest live baits.

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INSHORE ATTRIBUTES: With a beam of 8 feet, 10 inches, this is one of the beamiest bay boats on the market. And the 23 Bay Bolt draws only 10 inches, giving you the ability to approach fish in extremely shallow water. It is also one of the lightest and strongest 23-footers, thanks to a Kevlar-reinforced hull and a carbon-fiber transom. Dual livewells provide ample bait for a day of fishing.  All of the hatches feature compression latches to keep your gear high and dry. The maximum outboard horsepower rating of 300 gives the 23 Bay Bolt lightning speed.


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FROM Sportfishing Magazine - March 2014:  We all have our favorite boats. If we’re lucky, we already own them. If not, we lust after them with undiminished fervor. To drive you onward toward spring boating and fishing season, we dug through our archives and located 25 awesome boats that either debuted during the last 10 years (2004-2014), or have remained popular and sought-after from the moment they splashed ’til today. (They're listed alphabetically by manufacturer.)

WHY WE LOVE IT: Hydra-Sports’ 3400 CC is steeped in sportfishing legend. More than 550 of this iconic center-console have been sold since it debuted a decade ago. In many ways, this 33½-footer ignited the boom in big center consoles. Today, it represents the evolutionary pinnacle of this genre, with features such as twin bucket helm seats with fold-down armrests, a 50-gallon livewell, a side door for boarding and landing big fish, and a pad-style deep-V hull for minimal bow-rise on acceleration and a level attitude on plane. With triple Yamaha F300 outboards, the 3400 CC is capable of speeds in excess of 60 mph. With a 336-gallon fuel tank, you can fish far and wide with this great boat.


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HydraSports Custom 4200 named 2014 Best Boat in it's class by Florida Sportsman Magazine.   

See the article Amazing Fishing Boats in the August 2013 issue of Angler Magazine.

3400 CC New Thumbnail

When HydraSports Custom was designing the 3400 CC, it looked to the owners of its previous 3300 CC for input on improvements. With 550 owners to consult, HydraSports got plenty of feedback, which led to one very practical and pretty boat. Step into this sporty center-console and you’ll have already seen her most popular feature: a dock door to starboard that opens and closes by flipping two simple latches. From boarding family members conveniently to landing giant tuna and swimming children alike, such a door appeals to the fisherman and the family man. Another head-nodding-cool feature is the foldaway bench in the stern. It provides a view of all the action from the most stable spot under way. 

As soon as a game fish is hooked up, the bench folds up and stows neatly. The space in this center-console’s compartment can fit your average NFL wide receiver.  It makes using the head or accessing the back of the helm’s electronics a little less of an acrobatic feat. HydraSports offers multiple power options. New owner and competitive fisherman Jeff Schoeler chose triple 300 hp Yamahas to ensure he gets to the fish first. “In tournaments, we run with some of the best when it’s calm, but when it’s rough we leave everyone [behind],” says Schoeler, who has pushed the boat past the brave side of 50 knots. Asked if things get hairy at that speed, he says: “When there are three-to-fives and they’re seconds apart, the big flare in the bow keeps us dry and you don’t hear any squeaks or rattling. She is a solid boat.” HydraSports Custom, 800-539-2628; SPECS LOA: 33’5” BEAM: 10’4” DRAFT: 2’0” DISPL.: 8,500 lb. (dry) FUEL: 336 gal. ENGINES: Twin or triple 350 hp Yamaha four-stroke outboards to 900 hp (max)  BASE PRICE: $259,900 with twin 350 hp Yamaha four-stroke outboards. 

New HydraSports owner Announces Plans for the Brand

As featured in BoatingIndustry.Com - September 28, 2012

Following the acquisition of the Hydra-Sports brand from MasterCraft, Plantation Boat Mart & Marina will continue to use MasterCraft to manufacture but will sell factory direct, a model Plantation President Elias De La Torre sees as the future of the industry.

De La Torre said 48 boats will be manufactured in the first year – the majority of which will be models he has the most experience selling... FULL STORY